10 Unique Christmas Gifts for Him and Her 2011

>> Friday, December 9, 2011

If you are looking for unique Christmas Gifts 2011, you have come to the right place. As you scan this list below, at least once you are going to say "I never knew that existed"! . These unique Christmas Gift Ideas are carefully selected to be fun, practical. It is difficult to come up with unique Christmas Gifts. That is where our list of top Christmas gifts 2011 come in. Merry Christmas 2011!

# 1 Gift Idea For Christmas 2011: Footed Pajamas For Adults

Don't laugh. If you are not a fan of footed pajamas, try them and you could be. Ryan Gosling gave footed pajamas as a gag gift to friends and family for Christmas. But then he and his friends fell in love with their footies and now Ryan is such a fan of footed pajamas that he appeared on the Ellen Show and gave them to Ellen and the entire audience. Don't believe it? Watch the video of Ryan Gossling below at 2:40 minutes, you will see him and Ellen in their Footed Pajamas For Adults or take a look at Footed Pajamas For Adults or better yet, for a family, consider Matching Footed Pajamas.

#2 Christmas Gift Idea: Uggs

One Of The Top Christmas Gifts 2011

So, what is unique about Uggs? Sure, you have probably heard about Uggs boots for women, perhaps the warmest, trendiest boots available. But you may not be aware that Ugg boots are available for men, kids and yes even babies. There are also Ugg scarves, gloves and hats. So, impress your loved one and keep them cozy this winter. Review this selection of Ugg Boots. Looking for something less expensive than Uggs? Look into Ugg Knockoffs

#3 Gift Idea For Christmas 2011: A Tablet

An Exciting and Unique 2011 Christmas Gift Idea

Tablets are the rage this year and if your loved one does not have them, now is the time to get one. In fact, this Christmas is being called by some "The Season Of The Tablet" Why? There are two excellent options under $200, which make these excellent gifts for kids as well as adults. And if you have a bit more money to spend, up to $500, you can get the king of the tablets, the iPAD. Have a look at the three hot selling tablets below.

Amazon Kindle Fire Vs Apple iPad Vs Apple iPod

How Do You Choose The Best Christmas Gift of 2011?

Everyone is excited about the new Kindle Fire. The technology gurus say that at $200, the new Kindle Fire offers much of what the IPAD offers but at less than half of the price.

Some even say Kindle Fire is BETTER than the IPAD, for example in this this article about 5 ways Kindle Fire Beats the IPAD, they focus on "Content" (more at Amazon), Portability (Kindle Fire fits in your pocket), Price (Kindle Fire is half of the cost of the IPAD), Comfort (you can use the Kindle Fire with one hand), Operating System (Amazon's cloud based operating system is lightning fast).

If you really want to give an Apple (the name "Apple" is sure to please) but you do not want to fork over $500 for a tablet that the kids may break, consider an Apple IPOD touch. The IPOD touch is similar in pricing to the Kindle Fire, but with fewer features. But here is an article which explains why the Kindle Fire is superior to the IPOD touch.

So, bottom line is that many techno experts are predicting that Amazon's Kindle Fire will be the Best Christmas Gift 2011.

#4 Gift Idea For Christmas 2011: Laser Hair Removal

A Unique Christmas Gift Idea For Men and Women

Men and women of today are interested in permanent hair removal. It makes sense, who wants to shave for the rest of their lives? Did you know that there are home laser hair removal devices which can effectively remove hair? Home laser hair removal devices work best on light skinned people with dark hair. If you know someone like that, consider getting them a home laser hair removal device for Christmas. Watch what Good Morning America's Becky Worley has to say about home laser hair removal or see these home laser hair removal reviews.

#5 Christmas Gift Idea: Ride On Car

One Of the Top Christmas Gifts 2011

I remember the first time my family went to Disney Land and I got to drive a car. I was about 4 or 5 years old and was so excited to be sitting behind the wheel of a car. Now there are ride on cars made for children to drive in their backyards. But these ride on cars come with remote control devices so that the parent can control the car until the child is old enough to understand how to drive it safely. So, a ride on car is a blast both for the adult as well for the child. What better idea as a christmas gift can you think of? Watch the video below of my boy in his ride on car or see this site about electric ride on cars. If a ride on car is not your thing, have a look at these cool Baby Gifts.

# 6 Christmas Gift Idea: C-String

A Sexy And Unique Christmas Gift Idea

You may have thought that the thong was the smallest underwear available. But you would be wrong. Have a look at the C-String, the world's tiniest thong. A C-String is a fun, sexy and unique Christmas gift idea for friends and loved ones. Why? She will love it because with a C-String there is no more Visible Panty Line. He will love it, because, well, it is tiny. See the C String now or these other have a look at these cool Sexy Gift Ideas

#7 Gift Idea for Christmas 2011: Clarisonic

A Unique Christmas Gift Idea To Improve Their Skin

You have probably heard of Sonicare, the sonic tooth brush which is recommended by many dentists to take care of your teeth (if not look into it, Sonicare is one of the best toothbrush on the market. In that article, you will even see scientific studies showing that Sonicare is possibly superior to manual brushing).

Did you know that the same sonic technology found in Sonicare is available for the skin? Clarisonic is a sonic device invented by the same people who invented Sonicare. Oprah once selected Clarisonic as one of her favorite things. Clarisonic will be one of the best Gift ideas for Christmas 2011 your loved one will receive as their skin will shine year round.

# 8 Christmas Gift Idea: Fun Slippers

Cool Slippers are a top Christmas 2011 Gift Idea. They can be warm, cozy, funny or even massage your feet.

Do you think you have seen everything when it comes to slippers? I am NOT talking about regular slippers which separate your feet from your hard wood floor. Did you know that there are slippers with built in nightlights? How about slippers that can dust your floor? Check out these wild and wacky slippers and VERY cool slippers

#9 Gift Idea: Neodymium-Magnet Toys One Of The Best Toys For Christmas 2011

Selected As One Of The Top Toys Of All Time, These Are Popular for Christmas 2011

If you do not know about Neodymium-Magnet Toys, you are about to be impressed. These cool magnetic toys sold under Brand Names such as Buckyballs, Zen Magnets, Neo Cubes, etc. These little magnets are so cool, they were Time Magazine recently included them in the list of All-TIME 100 Greatest Toys. How cool is that? They are extremely popular for Christmas 2011. Watch the video below or read more about Buckyballs and other Neodymium-Magnet Toys.

#10 Christmas Gift Idea For A Wheelchair User

A top Christmas Gift 2011 for a wheelchair user

Do you know someone who uses a wheelchair? Many people do because 1 in 100 people use wheelchairs. This is a selection of cool, funky and unique gifts for wheelchair users. If you know someone who uses a wheelchair give them a unique Christmas gift with one of these cool wheelchair gift ideas.


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