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>> Tuesday, August 26, 2008

USA Blues Barbecue and Fireworks
Fireworks and barbecue! What could be better than this? On August 24 at Pier 54 witness the majestic Brooklyn Bridge, linking Manhattan and Brooklyn, and the amazing fireworks display. Catch free live blues by the water at Pier 54, part of the Hudson River Park’s annual summer of fun. Top bands play at this one-day mini festival and, to get things really sizzling a barbecue is thrown in too……..read more

USA Sloss Furnaces Stokin’ the Fire BBQ and Music Festival
The Sloss Furnaces Stokin’ the Fire BBQ and Music Festival has something for everyone! See chefs and amateurs battle it out for the best BBQ! In addition to the BBQ battles, everyone can enjoy local music at the Stokin’ stage, purchase BBQ from nationally acclaimed BBQ vendors, and enjoy global grilling demonstrations by chefs from the best restaurants…….read more
The USA, or the United States of America (America for short), located on the North American continent, is comprised of 50 States, 48 of them contiguous, or connected by borders, as I am sure most people who know anything about America understand. Everyone has knowledge of the vast size and diversity of the many states, and what they have to offer. Some of the more popular states for tourists are California, Florida, and even New York. America offers vast forests, parks, museums, cultural and industrial centers, amusement parks, sports facilities, camping parks, and so much more. But because of its vast size, and the distances between locations, the best way for you to see America is what we are offering you. Regardless of what state or states you choose to visit, Camper Travel USA offers you the perfect way to get the most out of your holiday. Renting a motorhome with Campertravel will allow you freedom of movement, as well as the luxury of a kind of portable home-away-from-home environment that will help you to make this the vacation you deserve. Picture yourself in your Motorhome RV - Hire USA, driving in perfect weather, through the hills, forests, and small towns of America. Can you imagine the excitement you will feel at gazing upon the lush and beautifully peaceful forests. Can you picture the quaint and interesting scenery in those small towns you will encounter when traveling in your USA RV rental.

One of the most interesting museums in the country is located in the Capitol region of Washington, District of Columbia, and is called the Smithsonian Museum. It is not one building, but a series of buildings where you can spend endless days touring, while using your Camper Travel USA rental vehicle as your base of operations. But there are interesting museums in every state, delicious food, festivals and events, and most major cities in America.
But let us suggest a couple of alternatives to those “most frequently visited” states and places where the majority of tourist go, and a few camping parks. There are two states we would like to offer for your consideration, and the best way to see them is in your USA campervan rental vehicle. One is Pennsylvania, and the other is Utah. There is much to see and do in these two states, and the number and combinations of destinations is endless. That is why we recommend using a Camper Travel USA rental.

First is Pennsylvania, officially the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, one of the Middle Atlantic States, and one of the 13 original states of the United States. Harrisburg is the capital of Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia is its largest city. In Pennsylvania you can see and explore the world of a unique group of people, the Amish. They dress in a severely plain style, using hooks and eyes instead of buttons to fasten their clothes. They ride in horse-drawn buggies instead of automobiles, and the adult males wear beards. Religious services are held in homes; foot washing is practiced in connection with the communion service; discipline is enforced by shunning; and marriage with outsiders is condemned. The Supreme Court of the United States agreed that their right to the free exercise of their religion is protected and that the state’s concern for compulsory public education must yield to that consideration.

Tourism is virtually the only industry in the Pocono Mountains, along a popular resort area. In the more rugged woodlands of the Alleghenies several summer and winter resort areas have been developed, including a number of ski resorts. In addition, Pennsylvania’s many historic sites attract millions of visitors yearly. Picture yourself in your USA motorhome rental, touring through those mountains and maybe even taking in some of the resorts activities, including seeing one of their shows.
The state’s three major navigable waterways, the Delaware River, the Ohio River, and Lake Erie, have helped make Pennsylvania an important trade and transportation center since colonial times. What better way to see them, and travel around the marvelous waterways than in your USA RV Rental.

The other location we would suggest is the state of Utah, which is a state in the western United States, partly in the Rocky Mountains. Its great variety of landscapes includes high wooded mountains, lakes, valley oases, barren salt flats, deserts, and a wild plateau country with strange rock formations and rainbow-colored canyons. Imagine touring these in your motorhome. For the nature lovers, or the hunters, this state offers mule deer, elk, pronghorn, moose, bison (American buffalo), black bear, cougar, Rocky Mountain goat, and Rocky Mountain bighorn.
A number of museums in the state have exhibits pertaining to state and Mormon history, including the Mormon Church-affiliated Museum of Church History and Art in Salt Lake City and the Pioneer Village Museum in Farmington. The University of Utah has museums of fine arts and natural history. Other museums in Utah include the Utah Field House of Natural History State Park in Vernal, the Children’s Museum of Utah in Salt Lake City, and the Fairview Museum of History and Art in Fairview. Again we suggest the use of your RV hire USA vehicle as the perfect way to interact with all these attractions, which are spread over a wide area.

You can marvel at all these and more thrilling destinations and sights for the family and even activities for the kids when using a USA campervan rental. Anyone can adjust to driving in America with our USA Motorhome driving information. Enjoy a unique, memorable and stress-free vacation when you rent or hire a camper van, RV, or Motor Home from campertravelusa, you can travel at your own pace and leisure and you can save a considerable amount of time and money and even on petrol.
At Camper Travel we are proud to offer our customers the best service in the industry. We give prompt responses to our customers’ enquiry; we have got the friendliest, most honest, and reliable reservationists; our prices are the most affordable in the market; and to top it all off, we provide our customers’ with the most comprehensive quotes and motorhome-RV driving guides and travel information on current events, exchange rates, and more.

But the perks of renting or hiring a motorhome from campertravelusa do not end there. We have a large selection of vehicles to suit your needs and preferences. We could also give you further suggestions on other interesting places to visit on your trip. So why not let your next vacation begin and end in the most enjoyable way by using Camper Travel USA as your agent in setting you up with a trip which will allow you to fully enjoy the exciting sights and rich culture America has to offer.


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